Spring Teacher Training

This Spring, Shanti Yoga Director Joy Morrell, Avalon Funk and myself are thrilled to be teaching another round of our in depth 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, in Nelson BC. Deepen your skills with this exciting educational course.

Throughout the month students are drawn more fully into the brilliance of the Asana, the profound rebalancing of the Pranayama & calm centering found in the practice of Meditation. With great care and devotion, our training instructors instill alignment techniques, finesse and confidence in students as they begin to open the door to teaching. The bright personalities and friendly open nature of our entire staff creates ease for students and makes the experience fun.

Our unique training schedule provides time for study, participation in studio classes, and ample opportunities to practice and develop sequencing, voice, and theming.

Come study with us!

Email Contact@shantiyoga.ca to register today.