Sequencing Workshop: 50 Hour Module for Yoga Teachers

This Spring, Shanti Yoga Director Joy Morrell and myself are thrilled to be teaching another round of our 50 Hour Sequencing and Adjustments workshop. This workshop is designed for yoga teachers who are looking to enhance their teaching, develop professional knowledge for designing effective yoga classes, and refine creative sequencing strategies.

Deepen your skills with this exciting educational course.

The focus of this 50 hour training course is furthering your understanding of skeletal and muscular alignment, developing skills in creative sequencing, learning appropriate hands on adjustments and deepening your daily asana practice. This program will provide you with the tools to develop and deliver meaningful, authentic and effective yoga classes for you and your students. It will teach you how to create effective sequences for certain posture categories including forward folds and hips, shoulder openers and backbends, cleansing twists, and core awakeners. Within each category we will discuss, practice and integrate meaningful hands on adjustments. We will also look at sequencing for Full Spectrum Classes as well as contemplative and philosophical themes.

Dates: May 20-26, 2018

Tuition : $725. Graduates from our 200 Hour Courses receive 20% tuition discount on all Graduate Training Modules, Yoga Workshops & Retreats. Included:  Yoga sequencing workbook created specifically for this course.


  • Sunday–>  8-11:30, 2-6
  • Monday- Friday –> 8-11:30, 2-5
  • Saturday–> 8-11:30, 2-6

Email to inquire and/or register.