Upward Facing Dog ~ Urdhva Mukha Svanasana


Lie prone, hands stacked under your elbows. Push through your hands to straighten your arms. Spiral each leg inward and press the tops of your feet and toenails down firmly to lift your thighs off the mat as well.


Press the lower tips of your shoulder blades toward the back of your heart while keeping the upper shoulder blades broad and open. Isometrically draw your hands back towards your feet to create more space in the front body. Now drop the tail bone towards the heels to create space in the low back.

Upward Facing Dog is a Moderate , Prone , Backbend

If this pose creates any discomfort in the spine, lower mindfully first to cobra and perhaps stay there.  If you still are receiving discomfort lower down to forearms (shoulders stack vertically over elbows, forearms run parallel to each other, palms down active) and work with sphinx pose to receive amazing benefits, a lovely therapeutic back bend and even more thoracic spine opening!

Upward Facing Dog is part of the Sun Series: