Yoga and Pregnancy: The evolving practice through each trimester

One of the things I thought I would miss the most becoming pregnant was my power yoga practice.  It’s funny admitting to that now, but it was true at the time!  I thought that I would miss sweating, floating, challenging my core and advancing my stronger poses.  Little did I know how powerful pregnancy would really be and how strongly my intuition would take over.  

Yoga for Runners – Release tension to find ease in your stride.

Most of us athletes have at least one muscle group that seems to be always over-active.  For me as a runner, my quadriceps have always been achy and never really used to let go.  In this short class, begin to discover ease in your hamstrings and quads. Enjoy this class as a cool down after your next run and practice 3 times a week for 2 weeks to notice an extreme decrease in your overall muscle tension.

Connecting to your Core


Like the roots of a tree, our core is the foundation for all of the physical postures in the Asana practice.  Enjoy these exercises to help you develop an understanding of where the major core muscles are located in order to create sustainable, powerful and lasting core strength and stabilization.

Connecting to your Shoulders – A SUP Series


I love the water.  I love paddling. I love yoga.  When i get the chance to combine these three ingredients I walk away with an unforgettable recipe each time.  This recipe is for creating stability, strength and space in the shoulders.