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Hello friends and happy April!

April starts on a Monday this year which always gets me all jazzed up! I hope you will choose to join my monthly movement calendar to set yourself up for success. Our focus is full body feel good movement!

How it works:

– Click here to purchase your pass for $20

– Each day just roll out your mat, then click on the link to the prerecorded class and away you go!

– Yes you have access to all classes on my website all month long too! In case you need to move things around or miss a few along the way.

What to expect each week:

– Sunday Meditation

– Monday Yoga with light weights, 20 minutes

– Tuesday Full body Flow, 30 minutes

– Wednesday Full body Flow, 60 minutes

– Thursday Full body Flow, 20 minutes

– Friday Yoga with light weights, 20 minutes

– Saturday Yin Yoga 15 minutes

See you on your mat!



Are you in Cahuita?

Join me every Saturday 9-10am for live yoga

Whatsapp me to reserve your space and get exact location!

Keep an eye on my Instagram to catch my regular live classes (they all get saved to my wall afterwards).

See you on your mat!