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Level One Core

The classes are all beginner friendly with clear cues and demonstrations throughout. The sequences build from the deepest of the core muscles out to the most superficial to help you progressively build strength. You will both feel and see a difference with this Bundle!

Setting foundation

Learn about your muscles from the deepest to the most superficial. Discover primary movements from supine and all fours.

Starting Supine

Learn how to stabilize the glutes to support the core to stabilize the spine. Build movement patterns from supine to all fours and finally, seated.

Using Holds

Learn how to develop endurance with longer holds to build strength. Play with forearm plank and half wild thing.

Strength & Tone

Work with enhanced strength and notice more tone after this sequence. Refine your dolphin pose, boat pose and enjoy repeating some glute strengthening exercises at the end.

Building Stamina

Work to build progressive strength and stamina. Repeat poses that you know but play with new variations.

Core Control

Observe the control you have developed with this strong and focused practice. Discover ease in movements that used to challenge you by turning on the correct muscles and understanding how anatomy meets alignment.