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Level Two Yoga

This Yoga Bundle is a series of 6 videos all 30 minutes in duration. Each sequence includes a well rounded flow including warm ups and cool downs. Expect to challenge your practice and deepen your understanding of the alignment in both strength building and flexibility focused postures.

Each class will leave you feeling beautifully balanced. Enjoy!

Hip Opening Flow

A 30 minute practice to help you get grounded and connected. Enjoy this effective opening of the hips.

Shoulder Opening Flow

A 30 minute practice strategically designed to open the shoulders and reduce headaches/neck pain. Requires one strap.

Core Flow

A 30 minute practice that weaves core stabilizing postures and exercises throughout.

Chest Opening Flow

A 30 minute practice to broaden the chest. This heart opening flow will expand you from the inside out.

Full body Flow

A 30 minute practice to unwind tension in the entire body. This sequence will leave you feeling revived and well balanced.

Rebalancing Flow

A 30 minute practice designed to tone the deep core muscles, and stretch the hips. A perfect blend of strength and flexibility.