Private Consultation

  • Do you need inspiration to get on your mat, to stretch and break a sweat every week?
  • Do you struggle with how to put the best food into your body and want some nutritional guidance?
  • Have you tried to make a change recently and not been able to follow through?
  • Do you need someone to hold you accountable to the goals you set?

Private Consultation: $400

When you sign up for a Private Consultation package, I work with you individually to help you achieve your wellness goals.

Personal Fitness Plan

We design a fitness plan that can be any combination of HIIT style workouts, core conditioning, and yoga. You gain full access to all of my Video Bundles and will feel toned on the inside and out once complete.

Personal Meal Plan

We co-create a meal plan focusing on anti-inflammatory foods that will leave you feeling vibrant and trim.

4 weekly 1 hour video meetings

We meet at the beginning of the week to set you up for success. I hold you accountable for your actions and keep you on track with your goals.