May Movement Calendar




Hello friends and happy May!


Let’s start with transparency. Did May creep up on anyone else? I need to be honest and admit that I am so not ready for a new month to start just yet. Hense the email coming out late. I want to deeply apologize! As a high school teacher this is my busiest month and I am feeling it. This is where my yoga really shows up though (and all of our amazing work on discovering balance last month).


So for the purpose of this movement calendar, I have the perfect plan for us. This week is all about our Sankalpas and setting our intentions and goals. We will take these first few days/the entire first week to journal, and connect with yourself leaning into the focus this month of blossoming from the inside. I want you to really think about what that means for you? How can you create more space? Then you can pick a day that works for you this week to begin the movement part of your practice. Sound like a plan? Ready to sign up and join? My shoulders are dropping and I am ready to dive deep with you all. I am so grateful you are here.


How it works:

Click here to purchase your pass for $20

– Each day just roll out your mat, then click on the link to the prerecorded class and away you go

– Yes you have access to all classes on my website all month long too in case you need to move things around or miss a few along the way.


What to expect each week:

– Sunday Yoga with weights

– Monday OFF/REST

– Tuesday Yoga

– Wednesday Yoga

– Thursday Yoga

– Friday Yoga

– Saturday Yoga


Your Journal Prompts (I hope you do this at least once, or you can join me and aim for every morning in May!):

1) Self Awareness: Today I am noticing…

2) Morning Routine: Did I follow through with my routine today?

3) Gratitude: Today I am celebrating…

4) Action: 3 Important actions I can take to help my day feel successful are…


Our Movement Calendar is more than just a schedule; it’s your personalized roadmap to success. Simple to follow, it keeps you on track, empowering you to fine-tune your practice each week.


Are you ready to embark on this journey? Let’s ensure this May becomes an unforgettable chapter in your wellness story!


See you on the mat,