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Visualization Meditation

April 5, 2025 - 6 min


Preparing for meditation is just as important as the meditation itself.  Please take the time to set yourself up for success by following the checklist below.

  1. Prepare your space. Make a beautiful spot for yourself- this may mean lighting a candle or adjusting your lighting.  Allow it to be a space you are excited to spend time in.
  2. Prepare your body. Use the washroom and drink a small glass of water. Make any adjustments you may need with clothing or hair.
  3. Remove distractions. Ask yourself what has distracted me in the past from focusing in a meditation and do your best to eliminate those things before you start this time.
  4. Release tension. Sometimes I need to stretch a little prior to finding stillness.  Or for you perhaps it is writing a few things down to get them out of your mind.  Take this time to create space.
  5. Set your seat. Some students prefer kneeling on a block or stool.  Others enjoy sitting on a blanket or cushion.  Ensure your hips are elevated from your knees and your spine is in a neutral position to support your posture.
  6. Gather your intentions. Remember where you are and why you are here.
  7. Fully commit to your practice and decide to sit through until the end. 
  8. Begin.

April 5, 2025 All day


April 5, 2025

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