April Movement Calendar




Hello friends and happy early April!
April starts on a Monday this year which always gets me all jazzed up! I hope you will choose to join my monthly movement calendar to set yourself up for success. Our focus is full body feel good movement!
How it works:
– Click here to purchase your pass for $20
– Each day just roll out your mat, then click on the link to the prerecorded class and away you go!
– Yes you have access to all classes on my website all month long too! In case you need to move things around or miss a few along the way.
What to expect each week:
– Sunday Meditation
– Monday Yoga with light weights, 20 minutes
– Tuesday Full body Flow, 30 minutes
– Wednesday Full body Flow, 60 minutes
– Thursday Full body Flow, 20 minutes
– Friday Yoga with light weights, 20 minutes
– Saturday Yin Yoga 15 minutes
See you on your mat!